Easy Guide to Add Zoom to Outlook: Enhance Your Meeting Efficiency

Virtual meetings and apps like Zoom have become integral to our everyday lives. By April 2020, Zoom saw its daily meeting participants soar to 300 million worldwide.

The hassle of manually adding Zoom meetings to your Outlook calendar can disrupt your online discussion flow.

This guide will show you how to seamlessly integrate Zoom with your Outlook using the Zoom to Outlook add-in and plugin.

Zoom Integration with Outlook: Add-in and Plugin

Zoom provides two methods for Outlook integration:

  1. Zoom for Outlook Add-in
  2. Zoom Microsoft Outlook Plugin

The plugin is designed for desktop use, offering a downloadable package, while the add-in offers a direct integration with Microsoft Office AppSource, suitable for a broader range of devices. Zoom suggests using the add-in for the best experience.

Installing the Zoom for Outlook Add-in

The Zoom Outlook add-in streamlines your communication across devices.

  • Mobile Installation:
    • Launch the Outlook app on your device.
    • Tap your profile icon, then select “Add-ins.”
    • Scroll to find Zoom and tap “+” to add it.
  • Desktop Installation:
    • Ensure Outlook is connected to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365.
    • For macOS, go to Mail view, click the ellipsis, select “Get Add-ins,” then add Zoom.
    • For Windows, go to the File tab, click “Info,” then “Manage Add-ins,” and add Zoom.
  • Web Installation:
    • Visit the Microsoft App Store, search for Zoom for Outlook, and click “Get it now.”

Scheduling Meetings with the Zoom Outlook Add-in

After installation, scheduling a meeting is straightforward.

  • Mobile:
    • In the Outlook app, switch to Calendar view, tap “+,” enter meeting details, and select Zoom under “Location.”
  • Desktop:
    • In Outlook, go to Calendar view, create a new event, and choose Zoom from the ellipsis menu.
  • Web:
    • In Outlook web, create a new event and select Zoom from the ellipsis menu.

Your Zoom meeting settings will sync with your Zoom web portal for consistency.

Automating Zoom Integration in Outlook Calendar Events

To automatically add Zoom to Outlook events:

  • Outlook Web:
    • In settings, navigate to “Events and invitations” and enable Zoom for all meetings.
  • macOS:
    • In Outlook preferences, under Calendar, select Zoom to automatically add to events.
  • Android/iOS:
    • In the Outlook app settings, enable Zoom for all meetings under Account Settings.

Installing the Zoom Outlook Plugin

For a direct plugin installation:

  • Download the Zoom Plugin from the Zoom Download Center and follow the installation prompts.

Scheduling a Meeting with the Zoom Outlook Plugin

  • In Outlook, select “Schedule a Meeting” and configure your meeting settings. Include Zoom details in the invite and send it off.

How to Easily Manage Zoom Licenses in Outlook

Got multiple Zoom licenses to juggle in the office? Here’s a cool trick: you can integrate them into Outlook, making it super easy for everyone to book them just like a meeting room.

Here’s the Quick How-To:

  1. Sign In to Microsoft 365 Admin Center: Jump into your admin dashboard first thing.
  2. Head to Integrated Apps: Find “Settings,” then click “Integrated apps.”
  3. Install Zoom for Outlook: Look up “Zoom for Outlook,” hit “Get it now,” and follow the steps to add it.
  4. Choose How It Works for Your Team:
    • Make it optional (people can choose to add or remove it).
    • Make it mandatory (it’s there for everyone, no opting out).
  5. Decide Who Gets It: Pick which groups or everyone should have access, then hit “Save.”

And that’s pretty much it! Once set up, your team can book a Zoom license directly from Outlook when scheduling meetings, just like they would a conference room. No more double bookings or confusion over who’s using Zoom next. It’s all about making life easier and meetings smoother. So, give it a go and see how it streamlines your workflow!

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