Capture – IT

  • J1708 / OBDII / CAN interfaces allow the user to capture, store and time stamp all fault codes, MIDs and PIDs desired.
  • Digital Inputs log and time stamp sensors from doors, seatbelts, emergency switches, parking brake etc.
  • Digital Outputs can control alarms, lamps, triggers etc.
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer can sense if an accident occurrs to automatically send a message to dispatch.  It records the maximum G-force and vector every second
  • Wheel Ticks or Transmission Pulses can be used in instances where odometer matching is required.
  • Voltage Monitoring checks vehicle voltage every 100ms during start to help diagnose starting system problems before failure.  It also monitors up to every second for weak battery.
  • Serial Ports can interface to Tire Pressure Monitors, Printers, Fuel Registers, Passenger Counters, Fare Boxes, Signage, etc.
  • 12 Channel GPS updates every second and compares speed and heading changes to determine true course and distance.  The almanac is kept alive via a ten year internal battery providing acquisition times of less than 15 seconds even after power off.

Communicate- IT

  • 802.11b Wirless Lan allows a second by second vehicle log to be recorded and transferred to servers at night.  This provides a complete history for review, not a once every three minute snap-shot like competing systems.  Plus, routes can be loaded on the unit in the morning over the free WiFi connection instead of the more expensive cellular modem.
  • GPRS or 1xRtt cellular modems provide real time position information and vehicle status.  The voice channel can be connected to a push-to-talk hand microphone and external speaker too.  The diver presses one button to call dispatch, another for 911.
  • Orbcomm Satellite modem can also be used for vehicle location status by itself, or in conjunction with a cellular modem for rate shopping.
  • Blue Tooth enables short range communication between the VEU and existing handhelds or portables and printers in the vehicle.

Manage – IT

  • Real Time Tracking takes place with the units transmitting their location, speed, heading, direction and engine information every 1 – 5 minutes depending on the rate desired by you.
  • Complete Daily History with second by second detail provide management with full details of route adherence, driver habits along with vehicle maintenance and faults.
  • Standard Reports include vehicle stop / start times including the Latitude Longitude and the actual addresses.  Vehicle maintenance logs with engine filter status, voltages, tire pressures and errors.  Exception reports for over speed, off route, and hard driving.
  • Custom Reports tailored to your needs are easily accomplished since all data is stored in a SQL Database.
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