How to See Liked Posts on Facebook

Ever wondered how to revisit the posts and reels you’ve liked on Facebook? Whether from last week, last month, or even last year, your liked content is a curated collection of what resonates with you. Here’s how to find those posts and reels again using the Activity Log in the Facebook app. This includes a simple method to view your liked posts via mobile or browser by navigating to your profile and accessing the Activity Log.

Navigating Through the Facebook App

In the Facebook app, accessing your liked posts requires a few extra steps. Start by tapping on ‘Menu’ at the bottom right of your screen, then head into ‘Settings & privacy’ followed by ‘Settings’. From there, navigate to your profile, tap the three horizontal dots to access ‘Activity Log’, then select ‘Likes and Reactions’ from the ‘Comments and Reactions’ section.

Locating Your Activity Log

Once in Settings, scroll down to ‘Your Activity’ and tap on ‘Activity log’. Here, choose ‘Your activity across Facebook’ to proceed. Tap on the dropdown next to ‘Your Activity across Facebook’, revealing the ‘Comments and reactions’ option where you will find ‘Likes and Reactions’.

Accessing Liked Content

In the Activity Log, navigate to ‘Comments and reactions’ and select ‘Likes and reactions’. This will bring you to your Likes page where you can view and manage the posts you’ve liked. You can also use the date filter to sort through your liked posts more efficiently.

Viewing Liked Posts on Desktop

On the desktop version of Facebook, the process is more straightforward. Click on your profile avatar at the top right, choose ‘Settings & Privacy’, then ‘Activity log’. The steps involve selecting ‘Activity Across Facebook’ and navigating to ‘Likes and Reactions’ through ‘Comments and Reactions’.

Desktop Navigation to Likes

In the left sidebar of the Activity Log, expand the ‘Your activity across Facebook’ menu, click on ‘Comments and Reactions’, and then ‘Likes and Reactions’. Here, you can manage your likes including unliking posts or mass deleting entries. Additionally, you can apply a date filter to find a specific post you liked during a particular period.

Privacy Concerns: Who Can See Your Likes?

Previously, Facebook allowed others to see your liked posts, but recent privacy updates have restricted this feature. However, if a post you like appears organically on someone else’s feed, such as a mutual friend or a shared group, they can see your like. But, you can still manage who sees your likes and reactions on posts to further control your privacy.

Managing Visibility of Likes and Reactions

While others typically can’t see your individual likes, you can take additional steps to hide your likes and reactions on specific posts to further enhance your privacy. This control is part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to improve user privacy.

Revisiting Your Facebook Interactions

Understanding how to access and review your liked posts on Facebook allows you to relive past interactions and manage your digital footprint effectively. By following these steps, you can ensure that your engagement on Facebook reflects your current tastes and privacy preferences. With these tools, you can easily locate and manage the posts you’ve enjoyed over time.

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