How to Pause Video on iPhone

No matter whether you’re using the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max or even the iPhone 8, video recording is second-to-none in the smartphone space. Chances are you’ve probably watched a few YouTube videos that were completely recorded using an iPhone. And of course, having your iPhone in your pocket gives you a fantastic video recorder for those precious moments that come up that you don’t want to forget. Can you pause video recording on iPhone?

Did you know that the original iPhone had a camera, but you couldn’t use it to record video? Owners were relegated to the jailbreak scene if they wanted to try and record any videos. Of course, back then, the camera quality was a little bit better than a potato, but it just goes to show how far we’ve come.

Speaking of limitations on the iPhone, there is one frustrating limitation as you currently cannot pause video recording on iPhone. When you start recording, the only way to “pause” is to stop recording entirely, which then saves the specific video clip to the Photos app. This is fine in most cases, but if you don’t want to really have a bunch of different video clips that need to be spliced together later, it can be a bit of an annoyance. One of the many things iPhone and iPad users love about their devices is the video quality. Newer models come up to par with some professional filmmaking tools; you can find many videos shot on iPhones by content creators on sites like YouTube.

Alternative Solutions: Third-Party Apps

All hope is not lost, however, for those who want to pause video recording on iPhone. As is the case with most limitations, all you need to do is turn to the App Store in order to solve your problems. Here are a few different camera apps in the App Store that actually make it possible to pause video recording on iPhone:

  • PauseCam Video Recorder Camera: The easiest way to pause your camera while shooting video. Edit your videos and save or share it with friends!
  • Pause – Video editor & Camera: Pause – new generation video camera recorder and video editor that instantly allows you to record, pause, resume, and stop video recording.
  • ClipyCam – Pause Video Camera: Pause & continue recordings. Record clips separate from the main video. Snap photos while recording. Arrange videos & photos. Edit name & location. Add recording timers.

Using PauseCam Video Recorder Camera

For this example, we’ve downloaded PauseCam Video Recorder Camera on our iPhone 13 Pro Max in order to show you how to pause video recording on iPhone. Once the app is downloaded, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. Open the PauseCam app on your iPhone.
  2. On the splash screen, tap Enable Camera.
  3. Confirm camera usage permissions.
  4. When taken back to the splash screen, tap Enable Microphone.
  5. Confirm microphone usage permissions.
  6. Tap the Record button at the bottom to begin recording.
  7. When you need to pause, just tap the Pause button that has replaced the record button.
  8. Tap the Record button to pick back up where you left off.
  9. Once you’ve finished recording, tap the checkmark icon in the top right corner.
  10. From the video preview, tap the share icon in the top right corner.
  11. Choose one of the following video quality options:
    • Original
    • High
    • Medium
    • Low
  12. Select one of the following options for sharing:
    • Share With Friends
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Save
    • Save in Photos
    • More

While PauseCam makes it possible to pause video recording on iPhone, there is one thing to be aware of. In order to export your video in its full quality, you’ll need to pay to unlock the app’s full capabilities. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to export the video in Low Quality, which you may find is not as great as you would have hoped and falls quite short of matching what you can produce when recording from the stock Camera app.

Table of Comparison: Camera Apps for Pausing Video

AppMain FeaturesExport QualityPrice
PauseCamPause video recording, edit, shareLow (free), Full (paid)Free with in-app purchases
Pause – Video editor & CameraRecord, pause, resume, stopHighFree
ClipyCamPause & continue, snap photos, edit videosMediumFree

Make the Most of Your iPhone Videos

Recording videos on an iPhone has come a long way since the original model, and despite some limitations, there are ways to enhance your experience. By using third-party apps like PauseCam, you can pause video recording on your iPhone, making it easier to capture those perfect moments without interruptions. Whether you’re using an iPhone 13 Pro Max or an older model, these tools can help you achieve professional-quality videos effortlessly.

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