Add Music to Instagram Notes Easily

Enhancing your Instagram experience by adding music to your notes is not just about sharing what you’re listening to but also personalizing your space. The feature allows users to add a snippet of their favorite songs to their notes, making every interaction uniquely melodious. This upgrade lets you infuse your notes with personal touches that reflect your mood, with tracks that resonate with your current feelings.

Understanding Instagram’s Music Feature for Notes

Instagram’s recent update allows the integration of music into your notes, designed to revitalize your followers’ inboxes. These notes, limited to 60 characters, can now include the vibes of your favorite tunes, making them visible at the top of your followers’ direct message lists for 24 hours.

  • Start by opening Instagram and navigating to direct messages.
  • Tap the ‘+’ icon to create a new note.
  • Click on the music icon, find your desired song, and select the appropriate duration.
  • Tap ‘Share’ to finalize and send out your enhanced note.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Tunes

Begin by accessing your direct messages on Instagram to add music to your notes. Follow this simple process to integrate music seamlessly into your notes:

  1. Click the direct message icon and open ‘Your note’.
  2. Activate the music search bar by tapping the music icon.
  3. Select a song, adjust it to fit your note, and share it to create a musically enhanced note.

Tips for a Seamless Musical Addition

When adding music, choose songs that mirror your current emotional state or the message you wish to convey. The music selected can significantly influence the tone of your interactions and add a layer of personalization to your notes.

Make Your Notes Sing

Adding music to Instagram notes offers a dynamic way to express your musical tastes and emotions. It transforms your social interactions by allowing your notes to communicate more than just words—they echo your preferred beats and melodies.


Can I add any song to my Instagram notes?

Yes, you can choose from a diverse selection of songs available in Instagram’s music library, depending on regional availability.

How long can the music snippet be in my note?

You can include music snippets up to 30 seconds long in your notes, perfect for sharing a significant part of your favorite tunes.

Will my music note be visible to everyone?

The visibility of your music notes depends on your privacy settings and can be shared with close friends or followers who reciprocate the follow.

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