How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram

Did you find a YouTube video that would captivate your Instagram followers or are you trying to increase the visibility of your own channel? By sharing YouTube videos on your Instagram story, you engage your followers effectively. The latest Instagram features now allow you to include links in your stories without a large follower base.

Quickly Share Videos Without the Swipe-Up Feature

Recent updates to Instagram have made it easier for all users to add links to their stories. Here is how you can share a YouTube video on your Instagram story without having 10,000 followers:

  1. Copy the YouTube Video Link: First, locate the video you want to share. Press the ‘Share’ button and choose ‘Copy link’ to capture the URL.
  2. Open Your Instagram Story: Open Instagram, tap your profile picture to activate the story camera, or click the ‘+’ icon to begin a new story.
  3. Insert the Link: Press the sticker icon at the top, then pick the ‘Link’ sticker and insert the URL of your YouTube video.
  4. Post Your Story: After setting the link, you can finalize your story by making any additional edits or adding captions before sharing it with your followers.

As of October 28, 2021, the ‘Link’ sticker is available to all users of Instagram, simplifying the sharing of content across different platforms.

Enhancing Your Instagram Feed with YouTube Videos

Beyond stories, YouTube videos can also be integrated into your Instagram posts and Reels in creative ways. Here is how to make sure your YouTube content is a perfect fit for Instagram:

  • Download and Edit Your Video: Employ services like Y2mate to download the YouTube video you want. Make sure the video complies with Instagram’s size and duration limits by using editing tools like Canva or YouCut.
  • Share as a Post or Reel: If the video is shorter than 90 seconds, share it as a Reel for increased engagement. Post longer videos as regular Instagram updates.
  • Adding to Your Story: You can share shorter clips directly in your Instagram story. Just download the clip and include it in your story sequence.

Detailed Steps to Enhance Your Instagram Strategy

1Copy and Download YouTube VideoYouTube to Instagram
2Edit Video to Fit Instagram’s FormatEditing Tools
3Upload as a Post, Story, or ReelInstagram

Final Thoughts on Social Media Synergy

By integrating YouTube videos into your Instagram feed, you not only widen your content’s reach but also bring a vibrant touch to your online presence. This approach ensures you present a uniform voice across different platforms while maximizing engagement with your audience. Every video you share is a chance to connect with and attract more followers. So start sharing those videos now!

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