How to Get Hollow Cheeks: Tips for Achieving the Look You Desire

Altering your physical features can be done through regular exercise, skilled masking, or even some permanent augmentation. There are some techniques we value as we consider them most effective and don’t demand making heavy changes or decisions.

Also, there are plenty of healthy alternatives to losing body fat and getting hollow cheeks. We have made sure to mention quite a few of them.

Mewing Your Way to Hollow Cheeks

The first method we’d like to discuss is one that will give great results. Mewing is a technique that aids in sculpting your face and strengthening your jawline.

Mewing helps identify any bad facial posture you have and how it can be improved. From the jaw to your tongue and teeth, all the way to your nasal position – it covers everything.

By following the step-by-step guide on how to mew correctly, you can develop hollow cheeks on your own. There are a total of 13 clear steps to master.

There’s nothing complicated in learning to mew. All it takes is dedication and time. You follow instructions on how to chew properly, how to hold your tongue on your upper palate, how teeth should rest while mewing, and more.

Each step is detailed, and its benefits are explained in our Mewing.Coach app. You can download this app for free and start mewing today!

By making these guidelines your new daily habits, you’ll slowly begin to see results. Start changing your face by mewing and enjoy your new sunken cheeks.

Get Hollowed Cheeks With Mewing!

Make-Up Tricks for Sunken Cheeks Appearance

Make-up doesn’t just serve to highlight existing features like our eyes and lips. It can also hide or alter others, cheekbones included. Of course, finding the right way to do that depends on your bone structure and the right beauty products.

Contouring creams and powders are vital in this process. By mixing several shades that are both lighter and darker than your skin tone, you can draw fake shadows across your face.

Some use contouring to give themselves plumper cheeks, but you can use them to give yourself a “decreased” cheek volume.

To accomplish this look, you blend the dark lines on your cheeks with a make-up brush with upward strokes. Doing so creates an illusion that your cheek hollows as though you lose fat during your application.

Cheek Implants

There are more permanent solutions to gaining this look, and that is through surgical procedures such as cheek implants. The exact level of plastic surgery depends on the type of cheek implant being added.

The three implants are malar, submalar, and combined. Malar is added to the top of your cheekbones to make them larger. The submalar is done with the purpose of increasing cheek volume. The third is the combination of both cheek implants.

Cosmetic surgery such as this is not one we suggest for our readers, as the risks involved would outweigh the benefits. Especially when said benefits can be achieved through other more natural means.

Surgical Hollow Cheek Procedures

Another form of cosmetic surgery is buccal fat reduction or removal. For those wondering, buccal fat and buccal fat pad are layers of fat located around the cheek that act as fillers for facial tissues.

The fat pad serves as soft tissue and softens facial movements between muscles. Surgical procedures can be performed to remove the excess amount of buccal fat pad and make a cheek hollow.

Buccal fat reduction is an extensive surgery involving an incision inside the mouth and needs a lot of time to heal. Not to mention it is quite pricy. Alternatively, you can also try buccal fat reduction exercises as a non-surgical option to tone and slim down your cheeks. These exercises target the muscles in the cheeks, helping to reduce the appearance of excess fat in the buccal area.

Discover Non-Surgical Way To Get Hollowed Cheeks

Exercises for Your Cheek Muscles

For those looking for healthier ways to reduce the buccal fat layer, there are facial exercises to consider.

We’ve already gone over mewing, but there are also yoga and other activities that can get the job done. Bubble gum is an interesting exercise that strengthens the chewing muscle and helps prevent muscle atrophy.

There’s the facelift which can be quite efficient in preventing sagging by keeping your mouth open and nostrils flared for minutes at a time.

Lowering Overall Body Fat Percentage

A healthy diet can be successful in helping you lose weight. There are all kinds of diets that can best get you to a healthy weight. But dieting is not just about cutting back on food amounts.

To diet right, you must identify which foods increase your body fat and which help you lose fat. Mediterranean diets are rich in omega acids, fruits, and whole grains. A gluten-free diet is just what you need if you struggle with carbs like bread and pasta.

Vegan diets are great for doing away with fat and eating more light vegetables.

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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a substance of gooey consistency found in the human body. It’s mostly located around the upper eye bone, zygomatic bones, joints, and skin.

It’s referred to as an acid, but what it does is help the body run smoothly. You may think of it as akin to the grease in door hinges that make them move with ease. It also helps the body and skin retain moisture to help prevent dehydration. You might have seen it as an ingredient in moisturizing creams and lotions.

As for how it can help shape your zygomatic bones, it can do so in the form of fillers. By injecting fillers containing hyaluronic acid under your skin, you can make your cheekbones stand out more.

Dermal Fillers

Speaking of fillers, another way to plump up your zygomatic bones is through the injection of dermal fillers. These are sometimes called “wrinkle fillers” and are usually used by older people to try and retain a youthful appearance.

As mentioned previously, hyaluronic acid is one such substance that goes into these fillers. There are, however, others, such as calcium hydroxylapatite or autologous fat injections.

These are usually made as a gel-like soft substance that, when injected into the zygomatic bone, will enhance the hollow cheek look. Though these are not considered surgical procedures, you should treat them with the same level of care.

Certified physicians should be the only people performing this treatment and only with carefully chosen products. Even then, know that these injections won’t last permanently.

Facial Fat Reduction Exercises

When it comes to buccal fat, it doesn’t have to mean you have to lose weight all over your body. Sometimes our body fat percentage is higher in certain areas than others. As such, targeting specific areas of the body with a selection of exercises is the better way to lose as much buccal fat as possible.

One facial exercise will have you holding your breath and puffing out your cheeks so that you can stretch your muscles. Another is to pucker your lips and then pucker to one side and then the other.

You can also smile wide and clench your teeth to stretch out your masseter muscles. These are effective if you do them every day for several minutes for each exercise.

These forms of exercise that target individual areas of the body are called spot reduction exercises. They can also be used to lose body fat or just lose fat on your face.

Lose Face Fat And Improve Your Cheekbones

Neck Pulling Exercises

Another area you can consider for spot reduction is the neck. It might seem weird, but neck exercises can tighten the skin and thus hollow your cheeks.

Your head is attached to your body through your neck, so target that area if you want to reduce fat in your face. There are plenty of ways to do that.

In yoga, they teach you several ways to stretch your neck with forward, backward, and sideways tilts. There are also rotation exercises that help you release tension and work out your hyoid bone.

These exercises shouldn’t be repeated more than ten times and must be done slowly. Pulling your neck too fast in one direction won’t give you the effect you’re after. It is also vital that you rest between each motion so as not to strain those muscles.

Conclusion: Achieve the Look You Desire Naturally

From mewing techniques to makeup tricks and even non-surgical options like exercises, there are numerous ways to achieve hollow cheeks. It’s essential to explore natural methods before considering invasive procedures.

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